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This catalog is designed to assist all types of students - those considering college for the first time, those thinking of transferring from a community college or four-year institution, and those already attending Colorado Mesa University - in choosing the program of study that best fits their aspirations and goals. It includes information about admissions guidelines, financial aid, and academic requirements to allow students to make educated decisions about their futures. This catalog also describes aspects of student life at CMU, opportunities for personal growth outside the classroom, and procedures and policies pertinent to a student's success at CMU. 

For those thinking about applying to Colorado Mesa University, the following steps may be helpful:

  1. Review the Areas of Study offered at Colorado Mesa University, and select disciplines that fall within an area of interest. From here, programs offered within each discipline can be reviewed.
  2. See the Programs A-Z section or link to a program listed in the chosen discipline(s) in Areas of Study for details on each specific program of interest. Program pages provide detailed program requirements, suggested plans of study, and contact information.
  3. Look up course descriptions for some of the courses listed in the program requirements. Courses that fulfill the CMU essential learning degree requirements are provided under Requirements for Baccalaureate Degrees.
  4. Finally, once programs of interest have been selected, see 监控软件|网络监控|监控系统-ZOL软件下载:2021-10-13 · 监控软件下载提供网络监控,监控系统等相关下载软件,监控软件用户热评软件排行,新鲜软件排行等向您推荐最受关注和最新的监控软件工具。更多监控软件尽在中关村在线下载频道。 or Graduate Information and Programs to learn more about the application process and requirements; Tuition, Fees, Residence Life and Student Accounts and Scholarships and Financial Aid to to learn more about tuition, expenses, financial aid, and housing; and Academic and Student Services, Offices and Activities to learn about student academic support, activities and services at Colorado Mesa University.

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  • Choose a major (follow Steps 1, 2, and 3 above.) Once you’ve declared a major contact the appropriate department to meet with your faculty advisor. If undeclared, contact the IRIS Advising Center to meet with an academic advisor and discuss options.
  • Keep track of your academic progress (review the requirements for the selected program of study and track progress in DegreeWorks).
  • Review courses, both required and elective, in Course Descriptions.
  • Review degree requirements and essential learning courses under the requirements applicable to the selected 小马出墙破解版下载 or Graduate degree type.

To learn more about career opportunities and programs of study available at Colorado Mesa University, you might also wish to review information provided on our Academics page and in the Two-Year Course Planning Calendar/Matrix.


1100 North Avenue
Grand Junction
Colorado 81501-3122
970.248.1020 • 800.982.6372

More information on departments, programs, and academic resources, including contact information, can also be found on the CMU Academics web page. Previous catalogs can be found in CMU's Catalog Archives. 

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